About me

My name is Stephan van de Ven and I am the freelancer behind S.B. van de Ven. 

Born and raised in the Netherlands I have strong Western-European roots and due to the privilege of being born and raised in the Netherlands I have had many opportunities to grow and develop myself as a person. Me taking these opportunities has given me a lot of different experiences, points of view and brought me to places I never thought of going before. This all influenced me strongly on how I see the world today and what I want to do in it.

I am a man that makes the best out of any given situation possible. The opportunities that I got and took have humbled me that I am privileged to have them and with the knowledge and awareness of these experiences I want to give back to the people. By making sure people feel comfortable, they have someone to talk to and listens, they have someone to show them how to do things better, but also gets things done when requested and needed. 

I invite you to explore what services I offer and have a look how I can help you.